Bowens Pulsar Tx + Receiver Card No. BW3967

Bowens Pulsar Tx + Receiver Card No. BW3967
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Product no.: BW 3967
Manufacturer: Bowens
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Products description

Attention: The Bowens Pulsar are sold out and will not be back.
However, if you have defective devices, we may be able to repair them.

Kit includes a Bowens Trigger Card

This ultra-compact transmitter with its discreet ‘camera-hugging’ low profile ensures that photographers can shoot comfortably without their camera becoming unbalanced by unwieldy attachments.

The Pulsar Tx features a unique new ‘click-lock’ system for attaching the unit to the camera hotshoe securely without the need for further tightening via a thumbscrew.  The ‘click-lock’ holds the trigger firmly in place whether the camera is being used in landscape or portrait position – and there is no loss of connection, as with some heavier triggers.

The lightweight Pulsar Tx weighs in at just 34g and is powered by a single CR2032 cell battery, the trigger’s power management system ensures long battery life by making sure that the unit is always in low-power mode until more energy is required.
Functionality couldn’t be easier!  The Tx is controlled by just two simple push buttons allowing full control over the 24 radio zones and the test flash function – with no external switches there is nothing to break and nowhere for dust to collect and compromise the unit’s performance.  The solid antenna adds to this durability.  Channel and studio selections are indicated by a row of LED’s.
NOTE: The Pulsar Tx unit is a transmitter only.  A receiver (Rx) is required on at least one light.  This can be a Bowens Pulsar Receiver Card (BW5170) if you have a compatible Bowens Gemini monolight, or a Bowens Pulsar Transceiver (BW5150) for any other type of light with a standard sync socket.


Technical specifications:


  • Frequency : 433Mhz
  • Range : 25m
  • Batteries : 1 x CR2032
  • Length : 55mm
  • Width : 40mm
  • Height : 40mm
  • Weight : 34g

    Card + Antenna 
  • Height : 34mm
  • Width : 38mm
  • Depth : 8mm
  • Length of of the antenna : 80mm
  • Weight : 8g
  • Range : 100m
  • Batteries : None needed!!

Included in delivery:

  • 1 of Pulsar Radio Trigger Card
  • 1 of Antenna for Gemini unit.


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Shipping time: ca. 4-8 Days
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